About U.G.L.Y

Singer Songwriter’s Braxton Loita, Mijo & Stormi Henley come from seemingly divergent paths, but join together to form one creative vision with their music group U.G.L.Y. under C.B.E. & Phase Too Management.

“Coming from far away places geographically, we are individuals who were brought together by following specific ideas, goals & dreams.”

While their whole is greater than the sum of their parts, each member’s unique background brings an irreplaceable element to the group. Hanley was a Season 10 contender on American Idol. Mijo is an accomplished rapper and dancer. Loita was a guitarist for Ashley Simpson, performing in her “Autobiography” and the “I Am Me” tours and making appearances on MTV. The distinct experiences of each member combine to influence the group U.G.L.Y.

We are passionate about materializing the creative ideas that come out when we are together as people. We also are passionate about meeting people all around the world who connect with art.”

Despite their different path’s, their passion for pushing themselves creatively lead them to the same point of view: to make fearless art that conveys the voice of their generation. Their music has a pop-culture pulse that echoes the general trend of the mainstream American music scene. Collectively, artists such as Bob Marley, The Police, Marvin Gay, Nirvana, NWA and a host of others influence them. Much like their influences, they have captured the sound of the times, and are sure to stand as an emblem of our era for years to come.

Henley, a Tennessee winner of Miss Teen USA and competitive golfer, grew up acting and in the theater. Henley auditioned for American Idol Season 10. Despite being eliminated, she continued to pursue her vision of being a performer. Her sweet voice is an integral part of U.G.L.Y’s pop sound.

Loita, growing up in Honolulu,  Hawaii,  became interested in music very early. As a child he learned to play the  ukulele  by listening to  Roy Sakuma’s  lessons, a popular Hawaiian teacher. He received his first acoustic guitar from his uncle, and decided that he would make a career out of music.  Besides his love for music, Loita is an avid Surfer.

Mijo grew up in California with multiple talents, which he nurtured over the years. As a youth he had plenty of practice, as he used his musical talents to charm his girlfriends. Mijo ability to express himself fearlessly has allowed him to rap alongside Chris Brown and Lupe Fiasco.

The Group’s philanthropic passions include supporting nonprofit organizations that help underprivileged kids who have grown up in poor socio-economic neighborhoods. This includes those children who are in need of a better education, and those who have sophisticated health needs.

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