About Sabrina Antionette

FIRE*CRACK*ER: “containing an explosive and a fuse and set off to make a noise.”

And that is exactly what she came to do. She set off to the city with a big purpose: to make herself heard. It has been a journey, but without the peaks and valleys there can be no beautiful mountain sunset at the end of the day… From the Texas towns that shaped her, to the Italian blood running through her veins, and the chance encounter that catapulted her into the pursuit of her true artistry, SABRINA ANTOINETTE effuses a colorful fountain of life experience to channel into her songwriting and a fresh burst of energy to bring to music.

In fact, the creative process is where she comes alive. Raw emotion takes hold and in the silence she channels those feelings and translates them into her lyrics…sometimes to her own surprise. The vulnerability, the dominance, the hope, the joy, the anger and the honesty all shine through and create a range of characters. And she’ll never forget that moment when she knew her voice was her gift to touch the same emotions in others. That is the core of her passion and ambition.

Peek into SABRINA ANTOINETTE’s live show and she will undoubtedly “Take You For A Ride.” The hard-hitting intensity of her introduction on stage creates an undeniable electric energy. Along the way SABRINA ANTOINETTE tackles the emotional highs and lows of life and relationships, yet brings it back to the simplest thing in life. A love that is 100 proof. “Everclear.” With optimism and a confidence that defies the odds, SABRINA ANTOINETTE describes finding love in her debut single “I Know You’re Out There.”

Surprising. Driven. Loud. Energetic. Non-Stop. SABRINA ANTOINETTE.

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