Tina Davis – the once A&R executive of Def Jam, who today manages platinum recording artist Chris Brown – created Phase Too Inc.

Phase Too Inc. is a management company, which is successful in several areas of the entertainment industry including artist, songwriter, actor, producer, engineer and others – specializing in multiple genres of music.

From an early age it was evident that Tina Davis had the mind of a manager and a passion for music. In the third grade Tina began honing her managerial skills through the coordination of mini concerts for her peers during recess. Tina would book the acts, which was normally Tina; set ticket prices and use her unbeknownst public relations skills encourage the kids to come watch her performance.

While Tina studied mass communication, concentrating in broadcasting at Grambling State University, she also worked as a radio personality for the local radio station KRSU, Lee Bailey’s syndicated show Radioscope as well as commentator for the University’s basketball and football games. From there Tina moved on to becoming the Operations Manger for a syndicated radio show.

In 1994 Tina was hired as a creative assistant in the Black Music division of Chrysalis Music Publishing, a year later she was offered the opportunity of a life time to be an A&R at Def Jam’s budding West Coast office. What would take some people 5 years to do Tina did within a year; she was promoted to the head of Def Jam West where she was in charge of overseeing the labels pioneer Westside rap connections for Warren G and others. Def Jam’s CEO Lyor Cohen was so impressed with Tina’s hard work and dedication that he persuaded her to leave the West Coast office, and takeover a big arena in New York, as SVP of A&R. “Lyor Cohen is the person who has put me in every important position that I’ve been in my life,” acclaims Tina. “He believed in me from the beginning. He told me that he could put me in any arena and I could come out and figure out what was best for Def Jam.”

During her time at Def Jam Tina has launched the careers of such artists as DMX, Method Man, Red Man, and Montell Jordan. She also had a hand in revitalizing the careers of veterans such as LL Cool J and countless others. She was also influential in the development of such hit soundtracks as The Nutty Professor II, Rush Hour, Belly and How to be a Player.

Before her departure from Def Jam Tina developed the Def Soul imprint. As Tina explains “I thought that we should put all of our R&B on a label called Def Soul and have it promoted as Def Soul so that when we brought a Def Jam R&B act to a radio station, it wouldn’t limit where our records got played,” an ingenious idea which was a result of her broadcasting experience.

Tina’s ultimate goal in life is one that has been echoed by successful career oriented women throughout history, “to get married and have kids is my ultimate goal,” but for right now she is focusing on nurturing her current baby, The Tina Davis Company, and if her past success is an indication of her future prosperity this baby will forever have a platinum spoon in its mouth.

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